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«The clothes I like best are the ones I invent for a life that does not yet exist, the world of tomorrow. »

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin, the legendary fashion designer founded his own fashion house in 1950.

With his first haute couture collection in 1953, he revolutionized the world of fashion by being the first to design skirts above the knee and by boldly launching unisex fashion. In 1954, he made a name for himself with his most famous creation, the «bubble dress». In 1959, he pioneered the launch of his women’s ready-to-wear collection, which he presented to the world in an effort to democratize fashion so that everyone would have access to fashionable clothes. In 1960, he launched his first men’s collection called «cylinder», presented by 250 students, including the famous Mao collar suit worn by the Beatles.

Pierre Cardin is also considered one of the pioneers of futuristic fashion and is credited with inaugurating the new era of spatial design.


Geometric shapes -round shapes, triangles- combined with a mix

of traditional materials and new synthetic materials create inimitable lines recognized throughout the world. Japan in the 60s, China in the 70s, unusual encounters, everyday life but also social, cultural and industrial (r)evolutions are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for the designer.

All his collections show a ferocious appetite for experimentation.

Today, Pierre Cardin is run by Rodrigo Basilicati-Cardin, the creator's nephew, who ensure the cardin heritage in fashion industry and make it more responsible.


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