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About pierre cardin

From the Cosmocorps collections inspired by Space, to sculptural creations, through design innovations, the Cardin House has created a complete universe on a global scale. Its story still resonates today through a new chapter embodied by Rodrigo Basilicati-Cardin, president of the group and artistic director since 2020. R. Basilicati-Cardin maintains the relevance of the Cardin brand story and identity in the fashion industry today, while emphasizing sustainability.

Pierre Cardin is about geometry, round shapes, and triangles combined with a mix of traditional materials and new synthetic materials which create inimitable lines recognized throughout the world.


At Pierre Cardin, we believe that young generation has to be involved in the creative process that build the future of fashion. Connect with emerging talents through this Pierre Cardin Young Designers Award is a key to combine innovation and legacy. 


The Pierre Cardin Young Designer Award is a competition organized with a series of long-standing partner countries of the house. 

This year, Rodrigo Basilicati-Cardin, CEO of Pierre Cardin Group, choose Paris to host the first European Edition in Paris.

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