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CHINA 2023

Objective ​​

The Pierre Cardin House in Paris will host an annual contest for students of fashion. This contest aims to encourage students to analyze the unique and avant-garde style of designer Pierre Cardin, so that each student can create a sketch revisiting this very special brand. 

Members of the jury 

- Mr. Rodrigo BASILICATI CARDIN - President of Maison Pierre Cardin 

- Mr. Kimiyoshi MIURA - Designer of Maison Pierre Cardin 

- Mr. Gian-Paolo GIANNOTTI - Designer of Maison Pierre Cardin

- Mr. Richard RACZYNSKI - Designer of Maison Pierre Cardin

Selection criteria

The following elements will be considered to elect the winning sketch: 

- Creativity

- Originality 

- Reinterpretation of the Pierre Cardin style

- The technique used

- Proposal of recycled textiles and materials

- Visual documentation to explain the creative concept

Conditions of participation

The call for applications is open to all senior Fashion design students from any China schools of Fashion design. Fashion students of legal age from all over the country who are in the final year of their undergraduate or graduate studies.


Each student must complete, sign and send the REGISTRATION FORM to no later than 15th May 2023 along with a garment sketch for a man, woman or child. They must consider the futuristic vision of the designer and the use of geometric shapes, but also use their creativity to propose sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and textiles.


Each teacher will select few sketches among those received and send them to the Pierre Cardin Paris team.

Then, 50 designs among all the sketches submitted will be selected and the Pierre Cardin team will inform the teachers that theirs students may participate to the workshop offered.

The Finalists choosen after the workshop will be invited to gala evening which will take place on 16th July where a grand prize winner will be selected.


The Grand Prize Winner will receive:​

* Round trip air fare from China to Paris

* A 2 or 3 month stay in Paris and the opportunity to work up close and directly with the Pierre Cardin design team as an apprentice.

* Room and board for 2 or 3 months. An apartment will be provided as well as restaurant tickets for meals.

* The winning design/sketch will be cut, sewn and mounted by the winner with the Pierre Cardin design team.

* An apprentice salary.


  • 15th May 2023: last day to submit the design sketches 

  • 15th July 2023: Fashion show & Award Ceremony


© 2023 par Pierre Cardin Young Designers Contest

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